Pipeline Solutions Since 1952

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Milbar Hydro-Test is an organization that became operational in 1952 and whose focus has always been to service the pipeline industry and its related facilities. Milbar has provided technical support and testing services for nearly every major pipeline system in the United States.We are a world leader in the mechanical and chemical cleaning of pipelines for rehabilitation, intelligent pigging and product conversions.

Our safety program strives for 100% employee participation in NCCER and Veriforce Operator Qualification, first aid, CPR, HAZWOPER, and job specific regional safety council training.

With our patented On-Test system, Milbar has revolutionized the way hydrostatic and pneumatic testing data reporting and test acceptance is conducted. On-Test wirelessly collects and securely reports in real-time to authorized participants all test parameters such as: pressure, ambient, pipe, and ground temperatures. This allows for a more efficient and timely test acceptance. Our innovative approach to the manufacturing of pig disks and cups utilizes a broad range of curing and proprietary formulizations to meet the specifications of our clients' needs.

Our Polyurethanes are mercury-free, RoHS-compliant and utilize Shore A hardness materials with above standard abrasion resistance.

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